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A sweet reminder

This morning as I spent time in God's presence I had a faith check. I was prompted to pray BIG prayers and trust that if it is God's will He is the only one that will bring it to pass. The challenge is that I had to acknowledge that I had been praying prayers with the unconscious thought that I don't want to ask and it not happen.


Why have I been praying safe prayers?


I felt my faith rising as I leaned into God's whisper, ASK DAUGHTER.

I found several sweet reminders

in the book of Matthews.

Matthew 6:30...God clothes the grass of the field

Matthew 8:26 God makes the winds and waves obey

Matthew 14:31. God invites to walk on water

Matthew 16:8. God reminds us of the five loaves of bread and that listening to the Sadducees and Pharisees (culture) is not the bread of life

Matthew 17:20 God reminds to have faith the size of a mustard seed...Nothing is impossible with God

Just wanted to share my morning and I pray that as you go throughout your day that you would practice the presence of God, thanking and praising him for who He is, and activate your faith believing that he is waiting for you to ask for the BIG THING.

What is the one thing you have not asked God for? Ask TODAY!!!!



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