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Catch my breath

Hey Ladies, I am working out a rhythm of when to post and what to post. Over the last several days I have started and stopped to write and each time I found myself distracted or deleting every word. I only want to write when He gives me something to write and today I needed to "catch my breath". Part of me catching my breath is decompressing, and writing helps.

My day started with a walk, shower, and the best Starbucks blonde roast with hazelnut ice coffee... that was a mouthful. I opened my Bible to 1 Kings, pick up my mug, and began my devotional time. I'm reading 1 Kings 10. OMG, the Bible is sooooo good. I have heard people say the Bible is boring or even hard to read and then one would say you are not reading it right. I now know what that means - I LOVE READING THE BIBLE AND IT IS NOT BORING.

I feel like I stopped watching The Young & Restless and started reading the Bible in a new way. There is drama, there is betrayal, there is love, there is heartbreak, there is war, there is politics and the list goes on and on and on. Pick up your Bible and start reading.

I read the first 2 chapters and let me just good; David and his have to read it.

The meetings begin one after the other, so much I almost forget about one because one ended as one was beginning in less than 28 minutes. I needed to catch my breath.

Grace-filled I transition to the meeting. I feel God speaking and leading on my behalf. I am not relying on my intellect, I am being guided by the Holy Spirit.

I needed to catch my breath and the Holy Spirit led the way. Me reading the Bible is the wind (breath) that I need to CATCH MY BREATH.


Just a Girl Who Loves Jesus

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