Delayed but not Denied

Delayed but not Denied

By Lashay Johnson

Have you ever had a hunch that you were supposed to be doing more?

Have you ever had a vision...a glimpse of your future; and then you realized your present did not match your hunch or your vision.

The more...the vision may be delayed but it is not denied.

Let’s consider the process of conceiving. Two people come together, they fall in love, they get married, they decide to grow their family. Now there are many steps that take place before they fall in love, get married, and decide to grow their family; the process starts in seed form.

Similarly, your is in seed form.

There is a process of planting seeds. You have to pick the place that you want to plant the seed. This is important because if the soil is not good ground you will get a return, but it won’t be the intended...the expected outcome. The quality of your soil matters. The quality of how you spend your time bringing the vision to past matters. The quality of your relationships while birthing your vision matters. I don’t know about you, but I want the right coach around me telling me when to breathe and when to push.

The more...the vision may be delayed but it is not denied.

Seeds have to be planted with specific dimensions. This means you need to know the quality of the seed...the vision...the hunch you have. If you plant the seed too deeply it will not receive the nutrients needed. If you don’t plant the seed wide enough it may never grow to its full potential.

Stop for a moment and ponder...ponder on the hunches...the visions you have had to do start something and you have skipped steps only to get to the end and have ...not what you envisioned. Vision requires preparation. When Samuel identified David to be the next King it didn’t happen at that moment.

Now I know at this point you are wondering “where is this going?”

We are considering why the vision...the hunch is delayed and reminding ourselves that it is not denied; there may be some adjustments needed to get the seed growing.

The more...the vision may be delayed but it is not denied.

A seed needs to be water wisely. I have mums in front of my house and I noticed that one has slowed down in growth. The next few days I watered and watched and noticed I had overwatered the one that has slowed in growth. Is it possible that you are trying to bring the vision to past before its time? Are you watering when you need to be waiting?

Every woman that I know who has been pregnant knows it will take 9 months before she will give birth. During this period she is required to have regular appointments with her doctor. How is y