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Girl Boss

I sit and I wonder what does it mean to be a Girl Boss??? I start to get a perspective. I am Just a Girl who Loves Jesus, I am a Girl Boss. I have been created and wired for a specific assignment, an assignment only I can complete.

I could spend time looking at other women and comparing myself to them and wonder if they are the blueprint of a Girl Boss...OR I could just consider how God created me in His image and He is the one that gives me the skill, talent, and ability to be a Girl Boss.

It's settled, spending time with God, reading His Word, and listening to the spirit on the inside of me will lead me down a path of purpose, fulfillment, and I can wear my Girl Boss titled with no apprehension.

I am who HE says I am. I am chosen. I am not forsaken. He has set me free to be a Girl Boss.



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