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Lessons Learned from David

Lessons Learned from David

By Lashay Johnson

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David was not just a man who was after God’s heart, I believe David understood that there is nothing you can do in this life without God’s guidance.

David has a story that some may be familiar with; have you heard the story of David and Bathsheba? Well if not, let me tell you this is a man that allowed his heart (his eyes) to lead. The one thing that I noticed was that in this situation David did not consult the Lord. David is known for consulting God, but in this instance, he did not. Why?

Just for a moment, I want you to stop and think about how you can be wise and know the value of consulting God in some situations, but not all. Why? Why do we do that?

David was a leader. David was a strategist. David was a warrior.

David had an understanding that before he pursued his enemy he would consult God first. He would ask God what should I pursue. David did not move until he heard from God.

Just recently I returned to read/review the story of David in 1 Chronicles. Now, what I don’t want to do is go down a rabbit trail, but allow me for a moment to say I have fallen completely in love with GOD’S WORD, so much so that I go down trails and ask questions that help me to understand the context of this beautiful story. The story of Creation, The Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.

Ok, I just had to get that out. Why? Well, I am a woman and what I have learned thus far is that I can learn from anyone, and David is a man; and one of many things learned from this man is to consult the Lord.

What does it mean to consult the Lord? Please don’t get deep, so much that you are drowning. When I consult the Lord I am merely suggesting that you pray, spend time with Him, talk with Him, unveil yourself to Him...He already knows before you ask, God loves to commune with us.

Alright, let’s get back to me revisiting 1 Chronicles.

1 Chronicles Chapter 14

David was established as ruler and took on more wives and had more children. Here is where I will mention that while David had many children mainly his sons are mentioned, and one daughter Tamar. Oh boy, I feel myself ready to go down the trail...the trail of who Tamar is and lessons I learned from her...maybe next time.

The Philistines heard that David was anointed King and they went and searched for David. Well, David finds out that they (the Philistines, the enemy) were looking for him. So what does David do? David does what anyone who has placed confidence in God does...David goes to them.

YASSSS!!! David was not scared of his enemy!

What I learned is that David was not scared just because he was known as a mighty warrior, but David was not scared because he knew the Lord was with him.

In vs. 10 David asked the Lord what should I do? Should I attack the Philistine (the enemy)?

This is a great moment to pause and ponder the enemies in your life.

Is mismanaged time an enemy?

Is unhealthy eating an enemy?

Is compulsive shopping an enemy?

Oh, I got another one...Is trying to be others savior an enemy (you know what I mean you spend all your time trying to save people from themselves. Oh Lord, I think I am telling on myself (I smile and am glad to share the unmasked me).

The Lord replied to the attack and I will hand them over to you.

Are you catching this?

David inquired of the Lord. The Lord replied and assured him that he was with him. David responds and the enemy is dealt with.

Now we get to vs.13 where the Philistines raided the valley...just so you know some enemies are like gremlins they multiply and may keep trying you, BUT.... David inquires again. This time the Lord tells him not to attack, but rather the Lord gives him a strategy. God tells David to circle around them, listen for a sound at the top of the trees, and here it is… vs.15 God has already gone ahead of him and struck the Philistines down.


David inquired of the Lord and found success and victory in battle.

I want to encourage you to inquire of the Lord, listen for a strategy, and know that our God has already gone before you.

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