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Post Traumatic Growth

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Have you ever heard of the term "post-traumatic growth"? If you have, good for you, but I have never heard of the term. It is my understanding that Post Traumatic Growth can be good for us.

Life happens to all of us and the rate at which we recover I wonder if it separates those that progress from those that get stuck.

Stop for a minute and think about the last life challenge you incurred. How did you respond?

Ok, I am not talking to the perfect people, the people that "Just Do It". I am asking the people who want to keep it real.

I know for me I am experiencing a life challenge right now and..I may be transitioning into POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH. (selah)

We will experience different seasons. I once heard someone say there are 5 seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and...DUE. Each of the seasons brings a different experience. I use to think that Fall was my favorite, but if there really are 5 seasons DUE would be the one I look forward to the most..or not.

I have lived enough to know that the DUE season does not always bring what you want. but sometimes it brings what we would like to sleep through (hibernate). However, if this POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH is a real thing I say, bring the season change ON!

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