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You Choose...New Year

Happy New Year!!! Honestly, it was not a bad last year; it was a matter of perspective. I began to do some personal work prior to 2021. Many people make New Year's resolutions and by the end of January, they are back to their old rhythm.

Prior to the clock striking midnight I was clear that there were 3 areas in my life that I wanted to focus, finances, and relationships. I spent time getting clear on what worked and what did not work in 2020. I silenced voices, influences, any input that would derail me from reaching my goals. I have accountability and community. I am doing the work.

God is kind in His infinite wisdom, He knows your end from the beginning; that takes my breath away. He has already calculated my missteps..your missteps and still, He has a plan that is good for you and me.

You Choose...New Year

Today I choose to focus on the things that I can control and my "why" I choose what I choose. Take a moment and consider...?

I heard a leader say "Just because you are capable it does not mean you are called to it." This statement has helped me to discern the seasons of life and the roles I will play in this lifetime.

You Choose...New Year

No Resolutions.

It is my prayer that we will not get to the end and realize that we had our focus on the wrong thing...our ladder leaning against the wrong wall. I am reminded of the overall message of the book of Ecclesiastes "A meaningful, fulfilling, and joyous life is not found in the frivolous pursuit of wealth, success, and pleasure. Instead, meaning and fulfillment are found when we pursue God as our number one priority- trusting and obeying God in all circumstances.

Love and Live Well,


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