About Lashay

Lashay is Just a girl Who Loves Jesus

Hey, I am Lashay and I am soooo glad you found me.  I am a laid back girl who loves good food, good company and sharing my life with others that LOVE JESUS.

I am a mother of 2, a young lady, and a young lad; I LOVE my KIDDOS!!!

I live in NJ where most of my family are less than 10 miles away, family means a lot to me; I don't always get it right, but I know family comes FIRST.

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aaron and me2.JPG

Me and the young lad

Love this KID!


Baby Girl


Just A Girl Who Loves Jesus

A safe place to be YOU!

Every girl needs a place to DREAM, to be CREATIVE, to WRITE, to DESIGN, to be who HE created you to BE!!!  Welcome again to Just a Girl Who Loves Jesus!  I pray this space supports your purpose.